Working for the Shape

I’ve always had a bit of a thing for the old Victorian style corset. Even when I was a kid I used to look at pictures of women back in the 19th century and admire their tiny waists and wish I could achieve that look myself. Now that I’m well and truly an adult, I want to slim my waist even more! I’d love to have the perfect hourglass figure so I’ve started going to the gym. To get the most out of my exercise regime, I’ve recently discovered the waist trainer – basically like an old school corset, but designed for wear in the gym to help you to sweat and to lose even more weight from those problem areas around the middle of the body.


Waist trainers, sometimes called waist cinchers, are a kind of undergarment which is worn around the waist to slim down the waistline, and when it’s used along with a healthy diet and exercise, it is extra effective in helping the wearer to get into shape. There are two kinds of waist trainer out there, the ones with sturdy metal boning and the ones that have flexible plastic boning. I need a flexible one, since that allows me to exercise properly while wearing it, and I can easily wear it under my clothes.


Waist training helps the wearer to get a smaller waist much more quickly with permanent results when used in conjunction with a proper diet and workout regime. It also helps to improve the posture, so it’s something I’m definitely keen to try.


I’ve been doing some research to find out which is the best waist shaper for me. There are lots of reviews of the best rated waist trimmers out there, but I’ve been reading through them all and come up with three that I think will do well for me.


SEXYWG Workout Trainer

SEXYWG Workout Trainer

This really affordable waist trainer is functional, durable and well-designed. Thanks to its compact size it is easy to work out while wearing it, but it is also sturdy and supportive. It is also breathable to make it more comfortable to wear. With its narrower width and tapered design, it trims in just the right places without impeding motion while the wings prevent bulges or rolls.


Thanks to the latex core, it is very durable and its wire springs are supportive to the posture. As the backing is also mesh, it dries quickly preventing sweaty odors, and it fastens easily with velcro for extra ease of use. On the downside, it is pretty obvious under my tighter gym wear and apparently, the colors might come off on light colored clothes.




This popular waist trimmer has well-placed supports to improve posture without affecting motion

range. It is very good for strength training exercises and has been designed to protect the back, helping to eliminate back pain. With its canvas perforated construction it is very breathable without causing overheating, and yet it still stimulates fat burning from around the waist. With 2 stage adjustments using velcro, it’s easy to get the right fit and it still comes in at an affordable price. On the downside, it runs small and the smaller width doesn’t give quite as much coverage.


Ann Chery

Ann Chery

This designer model offers superior flexibility and support thanks to its latex sturdy core and as it has a perforated structure, it ensures extra breathability. Perfect for use while working out, it is slim and not bulky while offering a great range of movement. Even though there are no bones in this trimmer, it offers plenty of support without any stiff parts and the quality is obvious with this garment. On the downside, it’s still very obvious when worn under tight clothes and it is still quite hot to wear when compared to some of the other models. It is also very small, so a size up might be required.


I think I might go with the SEXYWG trimmer since it is really affordable and is said to work well. I can’t wait to get to the gym with my new waist trimmer and get that great figure I’ve been dreaming of!

When Moving Out

Having recently taken the plunge and moved out of my parent’s house, I now feel like I’m well equipped to advise everyone else about how to get prepared for this enormous step! I wish I’d had more advice before I moved into my own apartment. It was really hard work figuring things out by myself, so I’ve made it my mission to tell everyone I know how they can make life easier for themselves.

Upfront Expenses

rental contract
The first thing you need to know about is that you’re going to have a whole lot of upfront costs to pay before you move into your new home. Yes, there’s the rent, but there’s also a security deposit, application fees and probably a whole month’s worth of rent to consider. Better start saving up now!

Long Term Expenses

If you’re thinking that all you need to worry about is your rent each month, think again. You’ll have to pay for your electricity and gas as well as your water, your phone line and internet. Don’t splash out all your money like I did on a gym membership in my quest for a nice hourglass shape!

What You’ll Need

Unless you’re moving into a furnished apartment, you’ll need some brand new items for your new home. However, before you go crazy thinking about design schemes, make certain you have the basics to get by. You won’t want to sleep on the sofa for weeks on end, or eat your dinner on the floor! At the very least, you’ll need a sofa, a bed, a chair and a table. You’ll also need basics like utensils, towels, cookware and bedding.

What You’ll Not Need

Don’t take everything that you’ve ever bought with you. You’ll just end up with a lot of mess and clutter to deal with. Keeping your home tidy is much easier when you only have the essentials, so get rid of anything you don’t desperately need or leave it at your parents’ house!

Check Your Lease

girl reading
You might never have read a lease before, but you really need to get to grips with legal documents as an adult, and this is a good place to start. Make sure to check it thoroughly and ask questions if you don’t understand anything.


You need to check first if your four-legged friend is welcome. Lots of buildings don’t allow cats or dogs, and even if they do, you may need to pay a fee or extra deposit. You’ll also need to check that your new home has enough room for your pet.

Choosing A Location

Finding the right location for your new home is really important. You might love a particular apartment, but if it’s miles away from your work, or there’s no shops nearby, it probably isn’t a great choice.

Moving In

You’ll need help on moving day, so draft in some help from friends and family if you can. If you can’t you’ll probably need to hire a moving company. Make sure to book in advance, as you might find that they’re busier than you thought.

My Aching Foot

So it hasn’t been a great week. On Tuesday I tripped on my way down the stairs and sprained my ankle. Oh my goodness, it hurt so much I thought it was broken! I just lay there on the floor crying for about 20 minutes before my friend came and helped me up! She thought I should go to the hospital, but since I realized since I could still walk on it, it probably wasn’t broken! I called my Mom to see what she thought I should do – I know, I’m still a big kid really! She told me I’ve probably just sprained it and gave me some of her advice. Isn’t it amazing that Moms just seem to know everything!

sprained foot

She asked me for my symptoms – I told her that it was swollen, painful, especially when standing and walking, and it was hot and red. She said that it sounded like a sprain and suggested a few simple remedies to take care of it so it would feel better.


She told me about RICE – no, not the stuff you eat! Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. They’re the four things that you should do to help a sprain.


Rest helps to stop the injury from getting worse by avoiding putting extra stress on the inflamed tissues.


Ice is a great way to reduce the pain experienced by counteracting the increased flow of blood to the area to reduce heat and swelling. She told me, however, to never apply ice onto my skin directly, but to always put a towel between the injury and the ice. She said to leave it in place for 20 minutes then to wait 30 minutes then reapply so frostbite doesn’t occur.


Compression offers additional support and helps in preventing inflammation. Using an elastic wrap can help, but she said not to wrap it too tightly as this could impede the blood flow.


Elevation by keeping my foot up helps the body to absorb the fluids which have leaked into the tissues. She said I had to prop my foot up to keep it above my heart level using pillows or a reclining chair.


She suggested I take an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen to reduce the swelling and pain.

girl drinking medicine

She told me that if it wasn’t starting to feel better in 7 days to go and see the doctor, but she was pretty sure that I’d be feeling just fine in a few days. She was right! It’s been 4 days now, and although I still have an aching foot, it’s much better than it was. I can limp around anyway!


My mom told me that to prevent it happening again I should always wear sensible shoes and to consider doing some strengthening exercises so my foot will be better supported. She suggested that I keep a brace on it when doing sports for a few more months until it’s fully healed. I think I might take her advice for a change – I think I’m starting to learn that mother really does know best.